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Live Now! My Fantasy, starring Donavin Rece and TJ Smokez, only on NastyTwinks.com and... May 16, 2024

My Fantasy - NastyTwinks.com

My Fantasy- NastyTwinks.com

My Fantasy!

Join us for a new and exciting feature, My Fantasy, again blurring the boundaries of VR and traditional content creation.

TJ Smokez puts his VR glasses on for some "alone" time with his favorite VR porn. He finds the perfect video, Donavin Rece blowing and getting fucked in VR POV, can't get any hotter. What happens when Donavin starts actually blowing TJ in real life? Bringing his fantasy to life.

Part 2 will come in a few weeks, the full VR POV video that TJ is watching.